Raijan Air Exclusive Photo Gallery of 2004

Vappu was full of fun. As always. This year even more, as we got a change to make a promo tour around the city. We had some flyers for delivery, as well as some chocolate and condom sets.

We made an emergency landing in Hakaniemi around 8pm, because we were so badly delayed from our schedule. (only for our first class travelers).

All other pics are available for watching.


Some pics from our last planning night on Monday, 26th April

And then finally, it was 1st of May. Our flight preparations started:

Men in tights

Preparing the nails

Because we fly high, we also got a lot of cosmic radiation. Regular medical check ups are done always before flights. Here you can see your IT manager Maire testing possible tumors in Juulia's breasts.






Our supervisor relaxing before make-up

Some smile training for the afternoon's promo tour

When you fly, you have to keep fit. We are lifting weights every now and then, sometimes on the flights, too (passengers have so heavy hand luggage nowadays).






Artist and creations (part of Raijan Air crew)

And then we were ready to go...

Raijan Air crew and their promo car

On the road. We were so happy that Finnish weather wasn't that cold...

We took 3T tram and made tour in South of Helsinki. We got such a big success. People were happy to get new airline to Finland.

First class passangers from Eira

Tuomikukka was explaining our safety instructions for tourists.

We tried to make some safety demos during the flight, but it was impossible because flights were overbooked and our catwalk was crowded due to some error in our computer booking system. All seats were sold three times.







This picture is taken just before landing:

Promo tour stopped for a while in Hakaniemi.

Our cabin crew interviewing one possible candidate to be new cabin crew member. Turbulance tests on the way.

One of our frequent flyers having a nap in the first class bedroom.

And it was time to go, we decided to try metro.

Some happy passengers from Rautatientori metro square.

We got hungry and tried to get in to TEATTERI ravintola next to Stockmann department store. Unfortunately restaurant manager didn't let in, he told we have too much makeup. That was the reason. So we decided, that our Raijan Air company will boycot this restaurant in the future and we can't unfortunately recommend it to any of our passengers.

We were just walking towards VIA restaurant when we hit the celebrities on the street:

And then we got a change to pose with a real Finnish motorcycle policeman. We were lucky.

Then we were warmly welcomed to VIA restaurant. This is the one we will recommend to all our customers, if they want to eat well in downtown.

our supervisor Raija is checking the quality and color of wine. Yes, it seems to be white.

Other girls didn't like that much about bouquet of the wine.

But we were so hungry and bread was just excellent!

After a fantastic meal in VIA we went to Room bar, which is just around the corner. One of our passengers were looking 'touch me here' marks in Juulia's uniform.

Our supervisor was singing karaoke at bar, one of our frequent flyer is listening.

After a hard tour day we decided to celebrate successful day a bit and we went to dtm night club. They had 'best costume' competition and we decided to join. We didn't really believe our changes because it was just our working uniforms. But we won the competition.

We got so many new passengers after the competition.

But it was quite late already and we needed to go home.

On the way we decided to have some night snack. Our favorite kebab place is Eerikin Pippuri in Eerikinkatu. Their crew was so happy to get us there.

Thank you for flying with us this year!