Raijan Air Exclusive Photo Gallery of 2004

We got an idea to make another flight as we heard that there might be excellent change to recruite more crew. So we decided to join party at Kaarle XII restaurant on Tuesday night.

It all started again from the nails...

Almost done!

Makeup ready, waiting for the wigs.

Testing tights.

Pumpin'up muscles

Artist's palette

And soon we were ready to go! Picture taken in Raijan Air Town Office building's terrace.

Soooo many people! Maire was in trouble to get through audience to the toilet.

Lottery tickets, lottery tickets! Our Cabin Supervisor Raija sold hundreds of lottery tickets for audience. We heard that instead of organising lottery in Kalle, it will be done later on and all winners will be published on CSD at Toke. So keep your tickets for validation!!!

Raija and potential lottery ticket shopper.

Our General Manager Juulia was positively surprised about the amount of people in this recruitment conference.

On the dance floor.

This injured gentleman tried to pick up our Supervisor but we don't do such things while we're working.

Recruitment smiles.

Our frequent flyer with girls.

Talking about working possibilities.