Raijan Air Exclusive 2005

Raijan Air surprised their fans by celebrating the opening ceremony of the World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki yesterday.

We were invited to Hotel Hilton Kalastajatorppa earlier in the evening to make appearance in the wedding party. After that we went streight to the heart of the games, Helsinki Olympic Stadium VIP area.

Raijan Air apologizes weak quality of some pictures as those are taken by paparazzi's mobile phone camera.

Cosmopolitans at Hilton Lounge Bar.

On the catwalk.

Bit shaky flight weather!

After flight drinks at Hilton Lounge Bar.

Posing with hammer throw hunk at Sonera Lounge.

Rainy Food Market Area.

PR team having a break.

This man despirately wanted to take picture together with Juulia.

Raija and Marketta in the games.

It started to rain heavily. Juulia in full uniform protective shelter.

On the way to downtown by VIP taxi.

Room Albert bar crew.


Raijan Air PR group checkin out map of Helsinki.

It turned to be heavy rain later. But despite of that, our underclothing stayed dry till 4am in the morning, thanks to functional rainy coats.