Raijan Air Exclusive 2005

Raijan Air surprised their old fans and new passenger by celebrating the 13th Birthday of dtm together with other VIP guests.

dtm offered high quality program (like we are). Tv show girls 'Kumman kaa' had their talk show and Disco Angel from Trans Siberia Galina K had fantastic russian dance&sing performance with kazacca dancers.

Raijan Air Board baked a chocolate cake with creamy butter and Tuomikukka wanted to lick it a bit.

Marketta was remembering her 4th stage in the Beauty Contest in 1993.

Juulia ready to serve!

Tonight's crew combination almost ready to go...

...but then our security manager reminded us about the security check - he wanted to make sure that there's no hidden weapons under Tuomikukka's skirt.

Planning the service procedures for the night's flight.

Posing just before our work shift started.

Auts...these boyz we could hire for taking care of passenger security while flying... dtm night club manager Hilkka in the middle.

Hilkka wanted to welcome all passengers on board.

And after that we stole the show.

Kumman kaa started their show. Meanwhile Raija is prepering meals in the rear galley.

Kumman kaa ladies and Raijan Air Crew.

One more getting together picture from the belly level.

Do me - and we did ;)

Thanks to our silkyproof lipsticks there was no red ring in the cock pit.

Raija, Juulia and the hunks.