Raijan Air Exclusive 2005

Raijan Air surprised their old fans and new passenger by joining World's AIDS Day gala at dtm on the 1st of December.We were there as we heard the rumour that the president of Finland might enter to the gala as well. Well, we never saw her but had great night.

Paula Koivuniemi had great show and our flight crew team was delivering condoms, lubricants, silicon bands and red ribbons for the customers.

Recording Christmas Greetings to dtm (singing together)

Smiling after successfull recording session.

Raija and Maire

Delivering red stuff.

We got busy time by time!

Raijan Air wish you a very pleasure night!

Picture taken by a frog.

Marketta and mysterious tourist from US.

Checking the breathing of a collapsed passenger.

He's breathing!!!

Toilet break.

Our makeup artist and some Raijan Air girls.

Waiting for crew taxi.

Dancing on the street.

Juulia telling latest rumors to Maire and Raija.

LV style.

Maire and Raija decided to check if the seatbelt is tightened properly.

Uups...Raija missed the belt lock and hit something else...Maire is apologizing.

Maire is doing fund-raising and gambling at the same time.

Raijan Air girls tried to help this player as it seems he's a play-a-holic.

Helena got phone call for a VIP flight.

Juulia making self-test for breasts cancer.

Oh my god...he's playing again. Play-a-holic and Gin-a-tonic-holic in the same picture.

Posing for media.

And again...

Some arriving passenger...

Delivering a set to another passenger.