Raijan Air Exclusive 2006, 1st of May

This is how it started this year. Raijan Air Headquarters, meeting room.

Our catering was excellent, as always.

Catering offered this very rare struts meat salad.

Maire's having a basic makeup for today's promo tour.

Tuomikukka preparing her tights.

Juulia fitting her tights on.

Mirror view.

Raija preparing table for desserts.

Maire with a glass of champagne.

Marketta cleaning floor, as some champagne leaked out of the bottle.

Tuomikukka having a facial treatment.

Buffet break.

Artist creating eyes for Juulia.

Hair stylist and Maire.

Tuomikukka and Maire smiling.

Maire preparing for promo tour.

Juulia getting eye lashes.

Tuomikukka preparing her sausage advertisement on Raijan Air Flight Channel.


Tuomikukka with her curlie hair.

Maire and Teppo.

Brokeback girls.

Tuomikukka showing off.

Teppo and Marketta.

Maire is training for her safety belt show.

Juulia is learning, because she's junior crew member. Maire has 34 yrs experience of doing it.

Curling hair.

Safety demo training.

Raija with champagne.

Hair Artist Teppo.

Girls ready to go.

Lips, lips...

Teppo and Raija.

Marketta is setting Raija's strass belt on.

Promo tour girls ready to go.

Raijan Air with their artists.

And then it was time to fill up our trolley. Raijan Air made chain and bottles were transferred to trolley smoothly.

Crew transport to Kaivopuisto.

First interested customers.

Tuomikukka wanted to adopt the dog.

Marketta and Tuomikukka checking First Aid station facilities.

Tomi, Babybjörn and Raija.

Aki, Helena and Marketta.

Liisa with our cabin attendants.

2 very sexy gentlemen and Maire.

Cafe Ursula wanted to offer us some drinks. On the terrace.

Tuomikukka and Pink Panther.

Raijan Air crew met this charmant lady in Kaivopuisto.

These boys wanted to apply for pilots in Raijan Air.

Some sort of colleague.

Holding glasses in Esplanad street. The sun is shining.

Raijan Air with their bodyguard.

Tram trip to Kallio. Raija is showing seats for the passengers.

No, no your seat is there in front. This is booked for this lady in here.

Our happy passenger with Marketta.

Tuomikukka and Maire tasting new POP Cafe in Bear Park Cafe.

Maire was surprised as she got a book from her fan. Book 'Nuori lentoemäntä' was so nice surprise!

Arriving to the main promo party.

Host of the guests and Raijan Air crew members.

Posing for media.

Raijan Air made special demo show for the guests.

Gay Choir Out'n'Loud had their performance while Raijan did line dance in front.

When Raija got tired, Tuomikukka replaced her.

Raijan Air and catering team for the party. Thank you so much from tasty sandwitches!

Marketta is selling her Reality TV ideas to TV producer.

Girls from Russia.

Marketta wanted to pose with these beautiful Russian ladies.

Raijan Air was training the handling of an aggressive passenger in taxi.

Everybody was happy about the new possibilities with Raijan Air.

This Dutch colleague tried to lick us. Tuomikukka is calming down him.

Raija put her hands up as she thought somebody wants to robber her. No one did.

Preparing for the line dance show.

Surprisingly we met our valued customers again, in the middle of the night.

Maire wanted to invite them back on the flight with warm kiss.

Suddenly we found a sun tan centre. We realised that it would be great to have some sun tan. There was a girl inside the studio tanning herself. We were queueing behing the window our time.

Maire and Tuomikukka balancing their lipsticks.

Raija is giving out some drink coupons to Kalastajatorppa from security services.

Could I get one more drink, please?

When we entered to dtm, there was a security body check on the door.

OBS! Notice the position of Raija's skirt. Our hear logo in skirt should be in front ;)

Raijan Air crew with a hot hunk from South Africa


Raija's left silicone implant exploded suddenly! Juulia had one replacement unit in her handbag.

Maire got tired after such a hard promo flight.

So did Juulia.

We were sharing the latest rumours!

Maire arrived to layover hotel and fell in sleep immediately.

Raija right before switching off the lights.