Raijan Air Exclusive 2006, Outgames / Montreal

Montreal OutGames was a blast !!!

e didn't quite know what to expect. After all, this was our first international appearance. Surely we knew that people will just love us. However, the amount of hugs and kisses we received, the volume of cheering and the thousands photos taken touched us deeply. As our passengers, we too like (personal) attention. We would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for making us feel special. We are also grateful for the journalists and TV crews. Many people saw us in the evening news in Canada as well as in the national newspapers. Also heard that we end up tp the news in the Netherlands. One thing what we have not yet figured out is why several stories told that we were doing Badminton? We did Triathlon, Long Jump and Roller-Racing and we got two Gold medals and Silver.

We look forward to see you on board soon again. We will keep you posted about the latest developments and our future plans.

Meanwhile, you can just sit back, scroll down and enjoy the trip. Bon Voyage.

RaijanAir Girls

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As it was our first time ever to do our makeup by ourserves, we thought to get some tips from Swarowski advertisement.


The results of the makeup were pretty close to Swarowski or what do you think? Waiting metro at Bonaventure metro station. Juulia is so excited!

Got up from metro and we were wondering what people started to scream??? Haven't they seen 4 cute trolley dolleys before?


Raija had some water, while we waited rain to stop in the garage.

Walking to stadium after some members og the Finnish Sports Team HOT



Arriving to the Olympic Stadium.

This young man wanted to know about our special meals. Marketta explained.



In front of our new crew lobby...oh no, wrong subtitle..this is Montreal Olympic Stadium.







Raija didn't like the taste of the bottled water.

After raing the sun started to shine. Preparing for the opening ceremonies outside the stadium.

Posing for international media.

Maire is training her EXIT sign show outside the Olympic Stadium.

Ghana...Japan...Senegal... and Raijan Air


Raijan Air girls doing PR work for Bolivia.




Official portrait of team Finland.

Raijan Air PR Team with the Finnish MP, Oras Tynkkynen.

Mexican team prepared for their opening show. And two almost naked cowboys from somewhere?? Maybe Wyoming??

Team Libanon wanted to join the Raijan Air service network.
Raijan Air will clear out changes to start Libanon flights from Helsinki.
At least we could start co-operation with their cock (chef de cuisine), he's the cute one of the right in front line.


Brazilian hunk with our Support Team in Montreal.


Australian man asked for our pricing policy for pet's carrying, he owned a cangaroo.





Raijan Air with our Country identification carrier.


Posing for the newspaper.


Raija doing some streching for her legs before the opening ceremony.


And the we took off from the runway... celebrating the 1st Outgames!



Dancing queens from Finland.



Nice legs, eh?




Team Mexico visited our Lounge in the Olympic Stadium.


Another Mexican.


..and mr Sombrero!





Oh la la..these muscle men with their tiny swimwear wanted to pose with us - but they never asked us for their action films...yet ;)



Thailand and Finland dancing together.



..one more posing for the photo... and ouths - we badly needed a break! Stepping up to the lounge area for a snack!


Lovely! the food and drinks are arriving!!!


How lovely the beer tasted!


Maire having a hot dog with all possible fillings.


Marketta was really hungry too!


Juulia had some lemonade. Raija opened her hot dog, tried to manage it with fork and knife but finally just gave up!


Maire fixing her lips with a napkin.


Raija teached us how to prevent lip colour losing its shape.


This young man asked from Raija if he could get a shag before he leaves to Winnipeg. Raija needed to rush to the toilet.


Oh, she didn't go to the toilet..she found a new potential passenger to Raijan Air and did some PR work with him.


Juulia fixed Marketta's upper lip line. Maire had some medical checkup with this potential pilot candidate.


Cabin attendant's life is so hard - you just have to look so good all the time.


Maire had unexpected explosion and she needed to fix her breasts in the middle of lunch break.



Juulia concentrates to lip lining. Raija is finishing cheek powdering.


Maire had also some problems with her lips, Raija fixed it. Also Marketta got some more powder for her nose.


Some of our potential passengers who me met during the opening ceremony of the Outgames in Montreal.


..and some more...








Raijan Air decided to start negosiations about the new routes to Tadjikistan.







Finally at our crew hotel! Raija played with a cherry with Juulia. After 14 hours it was so cool to remove our cosmic radiation prevention wigs.


Thank you Montreal, thank you Outgames. See you in Copenhagen in 2009!!!