Raijan Air Exclusive Global Marketing Attemp, Helsinki Travel Fair, Finland

Marketta concentrating to photoshooting.

Marketta got so excited about huge audience. She decided that next year we have to bring the whole marketing team to Travel Fair, as we didn't understand how huge happening it was.

Raijan Air's Marketta chatting with a representative of Finnair, Finnish National Airline.

Explaining our marketing strategies to colleagues from Finnair.

This smiling gentleman from Belgium offered us handmade chocolate under his desk.

Marketta and Raijan Air's security manager Mr. M.Auri


Marketta and travel business grand old man Pepe Mutka met at Blue1 Lounge

Travel business professionals from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Marketta met many potential customers, like this Finnair's Panda.

Marketta tested Finnair's Flat Bed. Maybe we should order these also to our aircrafts, it was very convenient to rest a bit after such a hard marketing day.

Marketta interviewed possible pilot candidate to our new fleet.

Mr Cran Canaria wanted to smile in the same picture.

Stewardess and a cat.


Raijan Air got their own small presentation lounge close by Portugal's section. Behind you can see our motto: Raijan Air Exclusive goes deeper


When leaving from the Travel Fair, there was a man trying to sell new combination of moped, boat and car. Raijan Air will study if we could replace our Crew buses with these vehicles. Handy size and it works in the water and on the land. No more problems with crew transportation to our crew hotels.