Customer feedback form

We will be delighted to get your comments about our service.

All positive feedback is more than welcome.

In case you are planning to reclaim about something, please read through first this and consider your negative feedback once again.

1) Our crew will always do their best for customer service. Somehow sometimes it's not possible, due to turbulentic weather conditions, smoke in the cabin, stucked toilet bowl, broken coffee maker or oven, stucked trolley brakes, too demanding flightdeck crew, interesting stories in the women's magazines, fingering colleague, too fat passengers. If you think your problem was caused by any of these reasons, do not give us a feedback. We can't compensate anything as these all are counted as force majour reasons.

2) In case you have something to say about our service onboard, it's unfortunately too late. Our excellent quality of service is based on immediate feedback onboard. Reclaim time frame is from the occurred case to 30 minutes after landing. Sometimes our cabin might be busy, but easiest way to point attention into you is to start screaming.

3) If you still have something to say, please print out this form and fax it for us. We will investigate problem and get back to you. Normal feedback process takes 30 minutes to 12 years.

Passenger name: ______________________________________

Flight attendant : _______________________________________

(If you dont know his/her name, describe how he/she looked)

Reason for feedback: ___________________________________