Legal Notice

We will remind you that this Raijan Air is not a working airline company. We will not take any responsibility of missed special meal orders, too tight leg space in the tourist class, seating problems through our online booking system, unhappy crew members onboard, too loose cabin seats, too bad flight weather or other things which might not even be listed in here.

Raijan Air flies when we want so - this might cause some irregularities in our flight schedule. New routes might be started and existing stopped without any notice. All depends on the cabin crew mental balance, sometimes technical reasons also deny us flying.

This page is meant to be fun, but not too fun. We don't take any responsibilities of loss bladder control´and wet underwear, heart attacks or mental disorders caused by our web pages. In case you have incontinence problems, you should tell about it before takeoff for our cabin crew. Then we will have change to warn other passengers through interphone. In case you lost the control and our seat gets wet, you have to pay 50€ cleaning fee.