Raijan Air Exclusive Meals

We have luxurious and unusual selection of special meals available. You just have to remember to order your special meal 1 month before you fly.

NEW! Due to increasing demand from our customers, we have decided to start serving deliceous Nussini bars between meal servings. Nussini is rich in cholocate and nuts. We do not recommend these for persons suffering nut allergies.

We are also still serving Julia 17. Low in fat, but rich in taste. Served on our international flights only.

Our special meals includes for example:

GML - Gay Meal
PML - Potence Meal (with Viagra® or Cialis®)
STM - Single Traveller Meal
FTML - Fat Traveller Meal*
FFML - Fear of Flying meal
10KMS - 10k Milk Shake
SVML - Sporty vegetarian meal
RASPML - Raijan Air Special Meal

Some examples about our exclusive meal combinations:

SVML - Sporty Vegetarian Meal

Developed for the honor of World Championchips in Athletics in Helsinki 2005.

Fresh vegetables with thick zucchini.

GML - Gay Meal


P-colon peanuts.

Main course:

Homo Sausage. Alternatively you can also choose another delicios main meal (from 15th May)

Pork Faggots.


Golden Gaytime ice cream

With coffee or tea:

Creamy Chocolate balls

For your skin:

Crisco cream



all these items packed in black 'Army Love' meal box.

Discrete delivery during the flight (in your dreams!)


Fear of Flying Meal (FFML):

Chewing cum

Chewing cum

Cream Pain sandwitch

All these specially selected items packed in nice 'Mercy' box.


* fat traveller meal (FTML) only possible, if your estimated cabin size is EXTRA LARGE.