Raijan Air Exclusive Crew application

Flying is fun, but hard work. If you're interested in working with us, you have to fill first necessary requirements.

First of all, download this small Flash-application to your computer. It's made by Lufthansa and it's virus free (about 1Mb). We have had some educational co-operation going on with their stewards. Because we are low cost airline, we "borrowed" this learning program from them.


When you downloaded it, start the game by answering open to pop-up window. You mission is to serve drinks and food for the passangers.

If you survived from this first level, then next comes our written application form.

You can also practise a little bit walking while turbulence, there's fantastic s(t)imulation program for this behind this link. They have made research that flying when tired is the same like you had 1 promille of alcohol in your blood. On the other hand, walking while having a turbulentic weather is pretty much the same like walking in drunk. Imagine that you have 2 hot pots in your hands and the aircraft is shaking.